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The mission of Women in Measurement is to advance gender and racial equity in educational measurement leadership. We amplify the diverse voices of all women and provide structures of support for career advancement.


The vision of Women in Measurement is to serve as the epicenter for empowering women in educational measurement.

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Women in Measurement, Inc. hosts a number of initiatives aimed at advancing the careers of women in educational measurement, with particular focus on supporting women of color in our field.


Connect directly with women leaders in our field. Our mentoring program is designed to support women at all stages of their careers.

Speaker Series

Coordinated sessions at professional conferences related to the intersection of women’s issues, race, and educational measurement.

Networking Events

Join us at our annual reception for conversation and networking with women in our field. Our Leadership Award is also presented at this event.



Susan Lyons

Executive Director

Susan is the Principal Consultant for Lyons Assessment Consulting where she works at the intersection of educational measurement and social justice. She partners with clients to provide thought leadership, design systems, lead research, and offer technical advice that leverages the power of assessment to create a more equitable future. Current clients include states, school districts, non-profits, and testing companies. In addition to her consulting work, Susan teaches at Boston College.

Tameka L. Payton

Tameka L. Payton

Chief Operating Officer

Tameka L. Payton, Ph.D. is the founder and chief executive officer of Psychometric Solutions where she is responsible for steering its people and programs towards the company’s vision, which is to empower organizations with accurate, fair, and inclusive assessments and programs that reflect the diverse communities they serve. Under Dr. Payton’s leadership, the organization creates, manages, and evaluates assessments, programs, and policies that advance special populations, including persons with disabilities, returning citizens, and youth involved in the criminal justice system.


Fiona Hinds

Chief Strategy Officer

Fiona is the Senior Advisor for Equity and Transformation at Cognia. Fiona has extensive experience in leadership, education management and improvement for educational systems. Her expertise includes school quality, urban education, equity in STEM, and strategic planning. At Cognia, Fiona has been influential in supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion as guiding principles in delivery services within the assessment division.


Kadriye Ercikan

Kadriye Ercikan

Vice President of Research and Measurement Sciences, Educational Testing Service & Professor Emerita

Faculty of Education,  University of British Columbia

Ellen Forte

Ellen Forte

CEO & Chief Scientist, edCount, LLC.

Jennifer Dunn

Jennifer Dunn

Vice President, Psychometrics, Scoring & Testing Services, Pearson

Jennifer Randall

Jennifer Randall

Dunn Family Endowed Professor of Psychometrics and Test Development, University of Michigan

Center for Measurement Justice

Ye Tong

Ye Tong

Senior Vice President, Assessment Operations, NBME